Dissecting and Demystifying the Gaian Universe – II

What begins the Cybernetic Age in the Gaian Universe, and what sets Bartaemius on the path of unimaginable biological human evolution? It begins with the Droid Wars triggered by Novatek’s AI-enabled killing machines causing damage in the battlefields. When defenses fail, these very machines set waste to more civilizations, destroy the re-established societies and leave humankind with little to […]

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The Keperthals : Concept Art

Character Name : The Keperthals Age : unknown, possibly in billions Bio : Not much is known about the Keperthals, a hive-mind nomadic species that has lived and evolved over a billion years, travelling extensively throughout the universe that explains their age, depth of knowledge and technology. These beings are silica based lifeforms that have […]

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Eternus Primus : Concept Art

Character Name : Eternus Primus (born Einsoph ‘Matthew’ Eternalis) Age : 25 years Bio : Born to Osirus and Sephiroth Eternalis by natural conception, Einsoph (meaning ‘Limitless One’ since ancient times) or Matthew as he was informally called was known to be different from his peers right from birth. Closely monitored by Godfather of all […]

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Vaelon Spine : Concept Art

“A child born out of a miracle, his mother was one of the ‘tainted’ slaves of The New Waste who was slain while heavily pregnant with him. Somehow what should have been his fatality turned out to be his greatest strength –the child lived, fighting off death, weaned on his mother’s blood. He was picked […]

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