Gaia’s Throne Concept Details

Since most of you folks are in the dark not knowing what our concept is about, I thought I’d give a little primer on the story along with the lyrics itself.

I chose not to write ambiguous/open-interpretation/vague in any way and kept it pretty much straightforward since the concept itself might not be accessible to most listeners.

Its a story set in the 31th century where mankind survive somehow in a war-ravaged world that is constantly in conflict. During this war, a super-soldier experiment was tried out that accidently gave birth to a species, one beyond the homo sapiens sapiens, the new evolution of mankind, now known as Homo Eternus.

These beings were multiple times stronger, faster, with a perfect physiology and a super accelerated state of mind. They had the ability to Psychokineticaly influence space and matter, they were psychic and had amazingly high healing and regenerating powers make them the ultimate perfect being. They believed in forging peace, treated every living thing as an eternal being. With a scientist mastermind’s guidance (he began the experiments and created the design of the homo eternus) but soon realized their own potential, the value of life and the pointlessness of war.

They had evolved into something (in a few hundred years) mankind would probably be destined for after  a few million years. They soon take control over the situation, help humans who want out of the conflict and provide them shelter, food, protection under small nation states. As just rulers, these lands soon turn into Utopia-level paradises.

Meanwhile, the humans who do not trust them and haven’t resolved their own differences live in their ganglands, looting raping and pillaging all they can get their hands on. Several rebel factions fight for dominance in the outside world that is full of toxicity, greed and general depravity.

THIS is the setting in which the story takes place. The first song works as a synopsis of what’s happened till date. The Eternus plan to choose one amongst themselves for the position of Gaia’s Throne, which is ultimately taking responsibility for all  Earth as a planet (like a sacrificial figure who is unanimously obeyed out of respect. Think Jesus, Buddha?) and  for all of humanity and ultimately be the key to change. This chosen human is the ultimate being, even in comparison with the homo eternus.

And much to everyone’s surprise, a third kind of species are trying to establish contact with Earth in such a moment of crisis. That pretty much sums up the first song, and also explain why I am yodeling “we’re not alone” almost 12 times in the song hahahahaha!

Cheers, hope you guys enjoyed it. If you haven’t heard it yet, I urge you to go ahead now and immerse in the complete experience with the idea and lyrics at :

Feedback is appresiate!



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