Vaelon Spine : Concept Art

Final Vaelon sketch

“A child born out of a miracle, his mother was one of the ‘tainted’ slaves of The New Waste who was slain while heavily pregnant with him.

Somehow what should have been his fatality turned out to be his greatest strength –the child lived, fighting off death, weaned on his mother’s blood.

He was picked up and raised by another street urchin by the name of Vaelon and raised in a sweatshop. His first kill was at the age of 8, sending a nail into the neck of a boy who murders his mentor and brother figure Vaelon over some petty squabble. Thus adopting the name for himself; he was determined to never let his death go in vain.

Vaelon Sample 1

Concept Sample 1

Vaelon’s strength was unusual, for his mutation endowed him an enhanced sense of surroundings, reflexes and strength similar to an adrenal rush at his disposal, coupled with his thirst for blood he longed to quench. Every kill he thought would cure him of this urge, but it triggered more insanity in his mind.
Building a reputation as a fast killer, he was soon a hired gun for several bosses in the vicinity.
Brutally slaying men on his way out of his teens, he turned from a hired hand to a fearsome entity who conquered the entire city soon enough.

Vaelon Sample 2
Concept Sample 2

Once he commanded total fear and respect of the Waste, Vaelon started his own Brotherhood of the Scum who opposed everything that did not recognize their existence. Vaelon’s name was soon the feared one across territories, The Scum being the most feared, yet revered rebel groups in existence. Every brother was baptized in blood and marrow – Vaelon himself taking the last name of ‘Spine’, his nickname from the notorious legend of earlier days when he ripped a man’s guts, clutched his spine with his bare hands and snapped it, pulling it out.

Vaelon Sample 3
Concept Sample 3

Together the Brotherhood strives for human dominance in matters of governance and general right to inherit the Earth. They are anti-Eternus, and opine that they must be either exterminated or used as as a subservient race. The arrival of the Keperthals has driven them to the point where they contemplate waging civil war against the Independent Nation States governed by the Eternus.”

Vaelon Sample 4

Concept Sample 4 (Selected Character)


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