Eternus Primus : Concept Art

Character Name : Eternus Primus (born Einsoph ‘Matthew’ Eternalis)

Age : 25 years

Bio : Born to Osirus and Sephiroth Eternalis by natural conception, Einsoph (meaning ‘Limitless One’ since ancient times) or Matthew as he was informally called was known to be different from his peers right from birth. Closely monitored by Godfather of all Eternus, Dr. Novalon, he realized Matthew was not a regular child when he sensed unnaturally high readings of energy patterns emanating from the womb itself.


Mother Sephiroth witnessed a dimension-bending vision in childbirth – one that presented a distinct pattern from the future revealing a world where her beloved Matthew was to be leader of the Eternus, the possessor of Gaia’s Throne. He would represent the Earth when the time came.

Einsoph Eternalis was trained extensively with the ways of the world, languages and skills to ensure he was prepared to befit representing the legacy of living beings thousands of years older than his own. Father Osirus himself oversaw the training period, instilling his son with the same world of knowledge Dr. Novalon so kindly opened up for him in his youth.

Eternus Concept art(colored file )

He was far beyond average physically, mentally and was perhaps the best, most optimally configured Eternus that ever existed. While the others had the ability to tap into the Ethereal Mesh and communicate, heal and transfer energy, Einsoph learnt to mould matter from the derived energy and direct it telepathically; the first of his kind, giving Bartaemius a vision beyond his wildest dreams of what his dear creations could attain over the course of time.

Matthew oversaw transitory phases of governance when he came of age, and helped run the provisions and logistics for the union assigned to his family. He always went looking for possible refugees in The New Waste risking his own life, much to the chagrin of Mother Sephiroth, for he was always sensing troubled lives that wanted out of the constant warring of the independent rebel towns and ganglands.

Selected Final Sketch

The arrival of the Keperthals was the moment things gained tension and the responsibility was forced slightly earlier than expected upon him. Matthew, no longer a boy, accepted with grace and vowed to do justice to the task at hand.


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