The Keperthals : Concept Art

Keperthal Final Design

Character Name : The Keperthals

Age : unknown, possibly in billions

Bio : Not much is known about the Keperthals, a hive-mind nomadic species that has lived and evolved over a billion years, travelling extensively throughout the universe that explains their age, depth of knowledge and technology.

These beings are silica based lifeforms that have surpassed the need for respiration/digestion and other biologically dependent sustenance cycles. They instead create a super dense mass of energy with their technology which their silicon bodies have adapted to; much like a computer requires an energy source.

Concept Samples

The Keperthals seek to contact Earth and request their help for this same purpose – as Earth has favorable natural environments for them to construct and generate their life energy through their devices. This involves complex pure matter-to-energy conversions generated by huge grids of their custom bioengineered bacteria farms.

They seek a minimum span of 450 years of harvesting energy, enough to sustain themselves and be prepared for a new foray into further exploration of the universe. Their journey to Earth was a last attempt effort as they were running short on resources to further their travel and there was no time.

Rejected Idea. What happens when people unskilled at visual design try their hand at it haha!

Their preference for a temporary home were always non-sentient species dominated planets, as they did not want to deal with the complexities of handling diplomacy with an intelligent species. They always asked for the Keperthals vast treasure of technology and knowledge of the universe in return, which they knew in the wrong hands, would mean imminent havoc.

Unavoidably, they chose to enter the hospitable habitat of Earth simply because they perhaps found the Eternus more trustworthy, nobler in character not to corrupt themselves with a greed for knowledge and profit from it.

The nature of these beings is extremely meticulous, systematic and organized, with an insect-like approach towards work. The Keperthals do not identify themselves with individual identities, rather addressing their entire hive-mind species as a whole singular entity.

Keperthal Bio

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