Dissecting and Demystifying The Gaian Universe – I

This post will focus on discussing one of the most cherished characters we’ve created for this concept so far – Bartaemius Novalon.

We explore his birth and upbringing in a post-war setting that’s on the brink of stepping into the Cybernetic Age. We’ve got almost seven decades of humankind before this to cover, and we’re doing a little explaining to set the character’s origins, motive & mission, including the world that he lives in.

We’re presuming that a consumer-driven, technologically intertwined world culture is fully formed from the early 21st century towards the 2100s. Weather conditions take drastic directions towards the 2050s, turning into the new fear for humankind in terms of survival. However prime nations continue to prosper, flourish technologically and are a part of several breakthroughs, but they are downplayed by the oncoming threat of possible extinction by sheer forces of nature. Calamities are commonly understood to take lives in the million and people are increasingly paranoid. Resource depletion combined with incredible ecological imbalances turn into the primary cause of concern globally.

Soon enough the military forces are engaged in the procurement, regulation and control of resources as the world slowly begins to spin out of control. Corporate entities refuse to back down and scale down their production, pressurizing the military into helping them achieve their goals. Obvious conflict of interests occur, at the expense of the Earth and its inhabitants.

This is followed by corporate-sponsored resource wars, and most nations are rendered helpless by the sudden mutiny and coup de etats that are taking place worldwide. Allegiances are known by brands of corporate entities. The fight leaves a thorough mess – with civilian protests and mobilization, the corporate-hired mutineers and helpless governments whose strongest muscle to flex is its vast stockpiles of weapons.

Between this three-way destruction, most nations are left with severe ration shortages and face the obvious aftermath of nuclear weapon usage. The actual disaster lies in the secondary damage nukes deal to reactors and nuclear power stations, whose fallout is far more harmful and long-lasting to the Earth. The northern hemisphere is the worst struck, and irradiated seepage (in much lower doses) occurs in parts of the southern hemisphere via pressure winds.

Facts gathered around fallout radiation, nuclear war and the ‘black rain’ – modern nuclear weaponry regards post-detonation fallout as inefficient, because fallout rain is basically unburnt fuel. Weapons are usually in several hundred kilotons as opposed to megatons simply for reasons of efficacy. Fallout from nuclear blasts ideally do not last more than 2 years at best, and hazard levels drop significantly in the areas post 5 years making them rehabitable. Fallout from nuclear waste and plants that are impacted by explosions – are downright terrible. Chernobyl and Fukushima being prime examples. Minimum time for these is usually 20 years for ground level safety devoid of radiation sickness, but the soil, water tables and all are irradiated and seep through over a minimum of 200 years for total rehab.

The Earth’s atmosphere shouldn’t be rendered unlivable, but the general radiation related death, sickness, child mortality and lack of food+water resources will drive man to really dark corners. Plus destruction of infrastructure and collapse of governments would mean further dark times. Hence, from the 2250s to the 2400s, we have a period of the Modern Dark Ages, or what will also be known as the Post-Nuclear Dark Age.

This period will have humans living in hunter-gatherer tribes, but with the added benefit of technological relics. Traditional farming will be a supremely difficult task that will still take time to settle back into normal everyday life, hence raiders will hunt for stocks of processed/canned foods, hunt for meat and forage whatever they can – be it food, water, electrical supplies or clothing.

Nevertheless, settlements also form slowly with time, who are self-sufficient and resume relatively normal lives. End 2300s will witness this positive development, salvaging past technologies & reusing them which leads into reformation of nations by the first half of the 2400s. Reestablished nations will then divert resources into the now-abandoned technologies for power generation, agriculture and basic civic amenity systems. After these base needs are covered, the now resource-cautious world will step into scientific research for the next cutting edge solutions to Earth’s new problems in the following generation/5-7 decades.

The new world has fully formed nations in Eurasia, South America, Northwestern America, Mediterranea, several parts of Africa, South East Asia, Australia and Oceania. Settlements of varying sizes obviously exist in all parts of the world, even the bombed zones. However, nations that provide the aforementioned minimum points and have total military control in the regions of their influence are the ones who qualify as proper countries in the 2500s. Devastated regions are most of Europe (non-Scandinavian), the American East Coast, large portions of China, Japan, Pakistan, Northern and Western India. Terrible effects are seen in terms of radioactive poisoning and mutations on the general population in these densely populated portions of the Earth.

Enter the setting for John Novalon to establish Novatek. Now that the World Government is in place with those 4-5 dominant nations running it (while supplying aid and help to the unstable settlements, though cautiously to avoid losing resources to local militia) we have an Earth Council of sorts in action. Space programs are being reinstated with a new, more rigid Keynesian type of global economics back in action. This would mean heavy regulation for corporations to work at an international level, and trust is built only through the goodwill and support of the Council. Novatek is the one corporation that manages to successfully pull this feat and win contracts for several projects, through influence & despotic interests alike.

At the prime of Novatek’s success, John Novalon decides to finally have his child – through a surrogate egg in an incubatory process (which is not uncommon in these times) and Alan Novalon is born. Melinda Kovacs, the daughter of Peter and Olivia Kovacs and future love interest/wife-to-be of Alan is also born roughly around the same time. Alan is raised in John’s estate with several personal caretakers and a number of servants, until he comes of age & successfully manages to abscond to live alone for most of his early youth.

The moment he meets Melinda, Alan pushes for his dream of making a compromise with the existing regulations on scientific research and starts the manufacture of AI-enabled androids for human service, known as the Service Bot Program or colloquially known as the Serbot Program. Over time their love grows strong, they get married and have a child. This child is our central character and genius Bartaemius Novalon.

It’s not goddamn easy, inventing the future and building these worlds. We had to do justice to the Earth’s history for over 600-700 years until Bartaemius was born, and we carry it forward another three centuries over several body transfers, professional and private failures and culminate in the first batch of Eternus in the 30th century! This is actually only the tip of the needle so far. Its essential, because their past will shape their futures. We’ve skipped over several little facts and bits of trivia that influence the other characters, things that set the wheel in motion for countless other sub-arcs. With every little revelation, our universe will slowly unwind for all to see and hopefully, we will all look together in awe and wonder to the byproduct of nothing but our own enthusiastic imaginations. Thank you for reading!

Time to reveal the Gaia’s Throne! _\\//


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