Bartaemius Novalon : Concept Art

The man has literally seen it and done it all – living for more than four generations with his incredible knowledge of effective bioengineering that spans from brain cloning to lab-bred artificial lifeforms. Formerly a government research head, he discovered the super soldier project he was assigned to had a greater fate than being tools […]

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Gaia’s Throne Concept Details

Since most of you folks are in the dark not knowing what our concept is about, I thought I’d give a little primer on the story along with the lyrics itself. I chose not to write ambiguous/open-interpretation/vague in any way and kept it pretty much straightforward since the concept itself might not be accessible to […]

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Contact Lyrics

Lyrics: “The moment has arrived We must now stand in line To protect what we deserve Take it back from the world We’re born of whores with poisoned lungs You command on those weak-kneed Tilt the balance in their favour And flourish while we bleed We do not mean to harm We are a form […]

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Gaia’s Throne Lyrics

Lyrics: Ravaged paths of those who tried to change their destiny The complex tact was played with frenzied thirst on battlefields They tried and failed to cultivate some reason Malicious mistrust in their hearts And blood was drawn! Unfit to inherit earth The sapiens are now obsolete Outmatched, outclassed by the rule new breed The […]

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